Recommended regimens

with all regimens a patch test advised before use 

1. Scalp Massage


Apply  about 10 drops of the royalty oil treatment onto your whole scalp or 2-3 drops to affected patch and massage for 2-3 minutes. Our Royal blend is designed to add softness, smoothness back to your hair  and to add a protective layer that will be resistant to toxins and will help to promote hair growth. This method will helps increase blood flow to the bald spots  to help stimulate growth, reduce shedding, length retention and moisture. This is the staple method and recommended 2-3 times weekly. 



2. Revitalise your hair


 Using your favourite conditioner to freshly washed wet hair. Add about 10 drops of the oil treatment  to your conditioner. Apply the mixture from root to tip and detangle the hair, very important to massage the scalp. Leave on the hair for about 5 minutes. For a more intense treatment leave on for 30minutes.  This method is set to increase moisture into your hair, promote hair growth, improve length retention. Strengthen hair follicles and decrease shedding. Recommended weekly but not a must. 


3. For day-to-day cleansing


Add a few drops of Royal oil to your favourite shampoo. This will add your therapeutic properties shampoo. Gently apply the mixture to your scalp and massage your scalp for a few minutes. Massaging the mixture into the scalp will help enhance the medicinal properties of the tea tree oil incorporated in the oil, and stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles. You may feel a cooling sensation on your scalp, that is completely normal.


4. For dry scalp and dandruff


 Our oil is amazing for your dry scalp as it moisturises and nourishes your scalp, hair and it’s follicles. It aids to clear the blockages in the pores and helps to avoid dryness and itching. Applying a few drops unto your scalp and leaving it on, can help relieve, dry and itchy scalp. You can also add about 10 drops for every 20ml of conditioner and shampoo in the bottle.  Allow the blend to sit on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Royalty oil contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that fight against the microbes that are known to cause dandruff which cause itchiness and this is achieved without drying your scalp. 


5. Fine/Limp hair treatment. (Overnight treatment)


Apply the royal oil to freshly washed and conditioned hair from root to tip. Cover the hair with a plastic shower cap and scarf and leave over night. In the morning the hair with  a cleansing shampoo, condition, dry and style as normal. This technique will strengthen hair strands, nourish and infuse all the natural and healing properties of the royalty oil into the hair follicles.


6. Hot oil treatment:


Our Royalty oil can be added to any of your favourite hot oil treatments to add moisture to your scalp and help to treat dryness/itchiness. Choose any carrier oil such as olive or coconut. 


  • Add about 10-20 drops of the Royalty oil to 1⁄2 cup of a carrier oil (reduce the amount if your hair is naturally more prone to oiliness this is more beneficial your hair if it is more prone to dryness). Warm your oil mixture by heating plain water on the stove. 

  • Wait until the water is just about to boil and remove the pot from the stove. 

  • Put the oil mixture in a separate container and place it in the warm water until the oil warms up.

  • Test the  oil on your wrist first to check the temperature, making sure it is not too hot. 

  • Section your hair into separate sections, to make distribution easier and more eve

  • Using an applicator bottle or your hands, apply the oil to your hair, distributing evenly. 

  • Carefully massage the mixture into your scalp and coat through to your ends. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and let the oil treatment sit on your hair for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Shampoo and condition as normal.

Hot oil treatment is quite lengthy and can be done every other week if hair is severely dry.

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