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Mahogany Crownz began after experimenting with over 20 different oils to grow my hair. When I was 16, I suffered from traction alopecia (Damage to hair follicles) due to poor hair care, stress and frequent use of chemical treatments. With damaged follicles, my hair became dry, brittle, lifeless and stopped growing altogether. This affected my self-esteem and confidence.  My urge to find a sustainable solution to treat hair loss and maintain healthy looking hair was enlightened during my degree in Pharmacy at Ulster university. In 3rd year I attended a Pharmacy summer school in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We learnt how they use natural and organic remedies to treat acute and chronic conditions and also for cosmetic purposes. In Asia when faced with an illness or a cosmetic issue, individuals have a choice, a choice that most people in here don't have. They can choose to either use synthetic or natural treatments.

Mahogany crownz is established by a Pharmacist, which provides confidence and creditability to clients. Careful consideration has been taken and backed by positive client feedback to produce the best yet cost effective hairloss treatments. A choice for people who can't afford and sustain monthly hair supplements  and invasive treatments that seem to be inaccessible to the majority middle class population. The products we offer cater to all hair types of all ethnicities which many brands fail to do. The products caters for all different causes of hair loss such as alopecia, postpartum hair loss etc. The products are all natural, and offers the perfect alternative from synthetic products that are less effective and mostly harmful to your scalp and hair. 

Our products are made from unique blends of essential oils combined together to not only stimulate hair growth but also maintain a healthier scalp that supports healthy and stronger hair. 


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